Aquarius LogiQ

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Update for: Aquarius LogiQ| Scope| Xite
Upload date: 2021-02-23

Update History

This new file

  • LogiQ now works also on Scope PCI.
  • TxM5 the midi channel could be changed in Scope device bar but not on the devices itself.


Previous updates (21 february) 

  • The note selector knob of section T4 was misplaced inside section T5
  • The slope knob of the section T1 was not of the right color
  • The LP modulation menu of the Kick was hidden when selected.
  • The following parameters of VCO 2021 were not saved in presets
    • Output HP / LP
    • Output Pan
    • Output Gain

A dozen preset for LogiQ and Aquarius are included. Use the “KIT ONE” preset in LogiQ and Aquarius to listen to presets that were made to work together,