BB3-Core Pack 1




The Core Pack is a very high quality Analog Modelling Synth.

The way it is built ensures the absolute best sound quality achievable in Scope, while its advanced CV / DSP implementation allows to integrate the oscillators and filters with Hardware Eurorack and VSTis used as oscillators or filters.  The modulators will also send free or pitch-quantized F values to your V/Oct Euroracks and synths, and can be connected to any of your DSP/VST sound sources.

Content of the download:

  • BB3-Osc
  • BB3-Osc
  • BB3-Osc
  • BB3-Osc
  • BB3-Osc BB2
  • BB3-FilteQ
  • BB3-LFO
  • K16 Step Sequencer
  • K-Light 16  Step Sequencer
  • All BB2 oscillators
  • Dsp file


 Warning, the price does not include any key-activation that must be purchased here (click to purchase activation)  


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