Filt-Eq 1 m (standalone midi version)


FilteQ 1 m, standalone midi filter.

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FilteQ 1 m focusses on LowPass filters and Analog feel.

The great sound  comes from a new way to build filters and great feature that makes it a truely standalone device: VCA, Filter EG with selectable triggers, modulation sums, advanced Envelope follower, and much more, all fine-tuned for a efficient workflow and a great sound design experience.

FIlteQ 1 offers a new experience. What you get with this device is not only a very well done filter, but a new sound to use on any sound source.

Once purchased, you get access to the device in your account.
 Warning, the price does not include the key-activation that must be purchased here (click to purchase activation)  

Content of the download
– FilteQ-1 Midi version  (
– 2 preset lists (main and equalizer preset lists)
– Dsp file (without activation).


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