Filt-Eq-1 (insert)


6 band Equalizer with Modulated post-Eq resonant LowPasses (12/24 dB) or BandPass (12 dB).


Filt-Eq-1 is the first official “BlackBox III” filter. the BB3 format is compatible with BlackBox II devices, as well as Modular Mixers.

Filt-Eq-1 is a 6 bands equalizer (4 bands + High Pass 6/12 dB + Hi-Shelf)
– A 7th “band” is the modulated filter: Lowpass 12 or 24 dB or BandPass 12dB.
– It includes an Envelope follower and a time-synced LFO that can be retriggered manually.
– It has stereo capabilities, which are achieved through the Phase settings of the LFO.
– A 125 ms delay unit allows to widen the sound and create a stereo effect.
– “Drive” and “color” parameters allows to create distortions “pre-filters”

It includes other goodies such as:
– Modulated filter Curve that can be hidden, and the modulation of the curve can be set off (it will show the offset).
– Pre-Eq gain, post Eq Vu meter, post filters Vu Meter, to control internal gains more easily.
– Dry level with pan
– Wet Level with pan

Purchase information: after your purchase, the devices can be downloaded from your account “downloads”.
→ it is advised to install it with your stereo effects, in a new BlackBox 3 folder.

Click here to Download the Demo (you must act a demo activation to Sonic Core)


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