MC 303-TR 909 in EPS 16+ in Xite 1


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A TR 909 from the Roland MC 303 groovebox sampled into an Ensoniq EPS 16+ and re-recorded through a Sonic Core Xite   in Studio One v4, then each samples have been edited inside NI Maschine. Fully dry and raw sound, no added effects, except the grain of the EPS 16+ and the clarity of Sonic Core’s Xite 1 DSP Sound Card. The level of each sound, or their frequency,  is exactly what comes out of the Roland mc303 groovebox, but it also has the grain/sound of the EPS16+ which is why the sound might remind you of bands like daft punk and other who used Ensoniq Samplers intensively in the 90’s. The only exception are the reversed tom and cymbal.


  • Number of samples: 16
  • Formats:
    * wave files 44.1/24 bits
    * NI Maschine kit

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