CORE PACK 2 – BB2 in BB3




This pack allows to use all your BlackBox 2 oscillators into a BlackBox III host.

It also comes with the powerful “Filt-Eq 1” and the “3-LFO-Steps” and “KL16 modulators” (3 LFOs and a vintage sounding 8-step sequencer, and a 2*16 step sequencer, with Midi to CV etc).This package is for those users who do not have the Filters and Modulators or who do not own Core Pack 1. (if you already own Core Pack 1 or the FIlters/modulators, just get the “OSC BB2” standalone from here).

  • Requires BB2 oscillators (no oscillator included)
  • Requires activation key available here once for all for all BB3 devices




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