Request for Activation Keys

This page is for Scope / Xite plugins only.

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  1. To obtain a Request String, the device and *.dsp file must be installed.
  2. Start Scope and drag the main device of the pack into your project.
  3. A pop-up panel appears. Click on “copy” to copy the request string, and paste it in the “Request String” field of the form.
  • If you wish to activate more than one device, you need to restart Scope in order to let it generate a individual Request String (only 1 request per session).   
  • KrOn Max Pack: you need to get the request strings for KrOn, Magma, and FMZ (see below).

Installation process

It is all about “copy/paste” folders into the Scope directory, and requesting an activation.

  • Downloads are generally available on your account page.
  • Unzip the downloadable zip file in a temporary or backup folder.
    • Quick install: Select the App/Devices/Presets etc folders and paste them into your Scope directory, saying “Yes” to overwriting files or folders.
    • or Manual install : simply copy the desired files (.dev, .pre etc)  into the corresponding folders of your Scope installation.
  • After installing the files: Restart Scope so it can take the DSP files into consideration.

Activation Request

  • Log into your account on the website, then come back on this page.
  • You should now see a form to request activation.
  • Select your product and insert your hardware key in the appropriate field.
  • Then in Scope:
    • Load the device you have just purchased into the project window
    • A pop up will appear: copy the “Request string
    • Paste the request string in the form
    • Send and wait until you receive the final activation key.

Case of several devices to activate

  • You may have to restart Scope before requesting the next key, otherwise it keeps requesting the same string.
  • Send 1 form per device.
  • Make sure the “request strings” are different (3 or 4 numbers must be different).

KrOn Max Pack

You need to get the request strings for 3 devices: KrOn, Magma, and FMZ.