BlackBox 3

BlackBox 3 is an ensemble of oscillators and filters to create synths or to plug to your euroracks and hardware synths.

BlackBox 3 takes the concept of  Scope integration even further by providing modules that can be connected together to create synths, or to inject new sound into your existing Eurorack and hardware synthesizers. 

 Oscillators, Filters and modulators that make a synth architecture have been isolated as single devices, with the ability to connect to the external world through Midi, Scope Modulators, and CV signals.

Each of the oscillator, filter or modulator of Blackbox 3 can function in a synth circuit or as a standalone device.  For example, the oscillators and filters have their own envelopes that can be triggered by midi notes or CV triggers, and that can also be deactivated if you want to use envelopes from your eurorack or hardware synth.

Blackbox 3 oscillators and filters bring a completely new type of sound in Scope, and cover most sound designer needs. Additionnally, you are able to load BlackBox 2 oscillators and use them with the great new filters and modulators of BlackBox 3.

How does it work ?

Synths are cut in several parts so they can be used with anything. Send Oscillators to your Eurorack filters, or use VSTis as oscillators… the possibilities are endless.

BlackBox III is dedicated to synthesis and “Macro-Modular Synth” : it is made of several parts that you assemble together to create a synthesizer for your current needs. Each part is “semi-modular” as you can send external modulators to various parameters, and it is “Macro” because each part is a complex device that can work standalone, while being able to be connected to any modular setup. Each part is fully preset-ready.

On the picture at the left, 2 “Osc-4” are connected to a FIlteQ-1 to create a stereo synthesizer. The next day you might want to change one or all oscillators, or add a specific modulators, or even route one or all oscillator to your favorite DSP/VST/Eurorack filter.

It is of course possible to send any VSTi to the filter and use all your VSTis as new oscillators, to enjoy the sound of BB3 filters with your vsti

Full Synths


NeoDyne is without doubt the best SpaceF synth, and a great synth of the Scope platform.

It contains several oscillators and filters, as well as slots to use BB2/BB3 oscillators and filters. 

Worked in all details to produce a great sound, an innovative effect section will allow the best placement in the mix, and stereo effects produced by frequencies overlaps and multi-band panning, that are more interesting and efficient than the classic stereo synths. 

Contrary to other devices of the collection, NeoDyne is available only in the  BB3 Full Pack. 

More information on Neodyne


Filt-Eq 1

Filt-Eq 1 is probably one of the most complete vintage modelling filter of the scope plateform. Its apparent simplicity hides a very powerful and clean sounding filter with 12dB and 24dB lowpasses. It includes a complete equalizer section with 4 band parametric Eq, 6/12dB Hi pass and a high shelving filter, as well as 2 envelopes, stereo LFO, envelope follower, 3 CV/Modulation  inputs envelope triggers (by midi notes, CV or LFOs). It also has a Drive and Bit Crusher before the filter for unbeleivable fatness that has nothing to envy to many hardware filters. 

The routing, dry and wet sections with panning and additional inserts makes it the ultimate swiss-army-knife of scope filters.

Filt-Eq1 has been used to create all the soundcloud demos listed below (unless mentionned otherwise). 

Filt-Eq 1 - Insert Version

Filt-Eq 1 useable as in insert effect in any Mixer of Scope.

You could see it as an equalizer, and use it whenever an equalizer is needed… and it also offers the same modulated 12/24dB filters than the midi version, with an LFO and Envelope Follower to be used as an auto- wah type of filter, and it can of course by controlled by Midi Control Changes.

If you use the Modular Mixer v 2 , then you can send a modulator to one of the filter’s input, and control the filter with LFOs, Envelope generators, KrOn, or with the modulators included in BB3 or Scope Modular Synths.


 BlackBox III oscillators adopt a new architecture and are all about quality, focus and  workflow. They can all be used as standalone devices thanks to the Envelopes, and are made to be integrated into your Scope and hardware studio thanks to 2 CV inputs that can control pitch and amp. They all include classic global parameters such as midi channel, portamento, pitch bend, Key range (to create splitted keyboards) and even a  vibrato which is already  connected to the mod wheel by default (cc1).  

Please note: there is not a single equalizer in the audio demos. All is made with the oscillators and filters from BB3 recorded “dry” without any further processing. What you hear is what you get. Sometimes though, SpaceF Echos/Ambient Delays have been added to show the sound in a production context. Sometimes, VSti have been added to the demo (it is always mentionned) in order to show how the BB3 sounds easily blend with native VSTis.

Osc 1

Delicate, sophisticated,  emotional. Osc 1 is the first BB3 oscillator and took several month to design and fine tune. The aim was to create a clean and analog sounding oscillator that could take advantage of the new BB3 oscillator architecture.

Osc 2

Osc 2 is a recreation of already great sounding scope stock oscillators, namely the “‘uknow” oscillator, to which a multi-osc and morphing saw have been added, inside the new BB3 oscillator architecture.

Osc 3

Osc 3 was made to be more agressive and “acid” than the other BB3 Oscillators, giving very fat sounds when used with Filt-Eq-1.

Osc 4

Osc 4 is a different architecture dedicated to extended spectrums by using 4 tunable oscillators with various functions. Osc 4 is great on its own, but even better when used in pairs before FIlteQ-1, to create fat Stereo analog pads.  

Osc BB2

Osc BB2 allows to load any “BlackBox II oscillators” into a BlackBox III set-up.  It also compatible with John Bowen”s “Zarg Oscillators”.  It does not stop there: a crossfader allows to mix the two oscillators, and the same phaser as in “Osc 4” has been added for extra creativity.  Also, various modulations can be send to the BB2/Zarg oscillators (LFOs, Eg, CV…). It also supports polyphony.


 BlackBox III is compatible with KrOn, and includes its own modulators.  

All BlackBox III Modulators are compatible with Scope Synths DSP Modulations and CV signals (1 V/Oct / Hz/V)

LFO Steps

Small but powerful with 3 synced LFOs, 1 8-steps sequencer, After touch, midi CC and audio with attack/release smoothing, and an aftertouch that can be used to adapt any midi keyboard.

4 outputs to control 4 DSP or CV parameters.

Several LFO Steps can be loaded in a project and connected/synced together.

K 16 Light

K16 – Light in included in the BB3 Core packs (or “K Light 16 which sounds better) is simply 2 steps sequencers that can control DSP or CV Synths. It is made to add 2 * 16-steps sequencers to your KrOn or BlackBox III setup.  

K 16

K16 is KrOn little brother, and is now included with KrOn.

It is an option for BlackBox III, and it comes pretty cheap for such a modulator. 

You do not need KrOn to use BB3, but they work beautifully together

To Be Continued…