BlackBox II

This page contains the BlackBox II in its latest state. Released in 2003, it was continuously updated with additional devices until 2010 approximately. 

The download below are a collection curated by our friend LorenOA76 and sent to me at the end of 2021. It uses the same “Protection Devices” that it used in the past, but does not include them. That’s why you will find a second zip with a generic key that is available to all users of BlackBox III. 

If you scroll down this page, you will also find the installation instructions that were available in that time. 

Note that there are a few more recent BB2 oscillators for BlackBox III, which benefited of a recent “look inside” and work with a key. However, not all oscillators have been ported to BB3, as some of them were made for specific devices (mainly Synthetic or AN-Osc/Bi-Osc). In the BB2 version, the difference between oscillators “series” is – if I remember correctly – mainly about gain. The “An” series is softer and should be used with An-Osc or Bi-Osc, to avoid distortions. it is also possible that there are a few difference in a couple of oscillators.