Aquarius LogiQ (Full Repack – updated at 21h22 paris time)

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Update for: Aquarius LogiQ
Upload date: 2021-03-06
Brings a couple of corrections, and a massive sound upgrade.

The list of update is below the picture. You can notice a new “Carbon Fat Punch” parameter as well as new Envelopes with D/R SLope on all sections. The VCO 2021 also gives acess to the levels of each individual oscillator.  



New device that allows to convert 3 notes-on into audio gate events to use with LogiQ or KrOn “LG” inputs. 

This allows to seperate the melodies from the triggers.

By using LG SYnc Pro on its own midi driver, you will improve the midi flows. It also gets rid of any possibility of bug due to software that don’t record/play automations correctly (eg, studio one v4 that sends ghost notes when a note is played at the same time as an automation). 



All new parameters are defaulted to “zero” when loading presets made previously, except the levels of FM and 2021 (internal levels).


  • Internal Volumes of FM and 2021 is not attenuated anymore. It gets approx +6dB gain boost (sometimes more depending on filters).
  • This gives much more headroom to bring FM and 2021 forward. The curves of the output level/gain of FM and 2021 have been reset so the previous maximum is around 50% (12 o’clock position of the parameter).



  • Carbon Fat Punch allows to crossfade between 2 types of curves that are applied to the ADSR. You can find the “Punch” as a button in Hats and VCO 2021. In the Kick section, a Crossfader allows to switch without noise, and to access all mixes of normal and punched curves. The “Carbon” term refers to the SpaceF Carbon Kick which is the base of Aquarius Kick.
  • Slope parameter of the Decay/Release of the envelope.


Snare & FM

  • Slope parameter of the Decay/Release of the envelope.



  • Slope parameter of the Decay/Release of the envelope.
  • Punch button under the “snap” text label.
  • Decay time maximum is 3 times longer than previously.



  • Slope parameter of the Decay/Release of the envelope.
  • Punch button (“Pnch”)
  • Levels of each oscillator.



  • The Stereo Insert Effect of VCO 2021 was not stored in presets. Now corrected. 
  • Various small corrections not remembered.


  • The Attack time is shorter (more relevant values).