Aquarius LogiQ (repack and addons)

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Update for: Aquarius LogiQ
Upload date: 2021-03-26

->  T-Mix 3 error: the LFO5 level was also connected to the T1 LFO waveform selector.  Corrected

-> Addition of a “diode” system forbiding signal to go backward from the outputs of LogiQ. 

Important: the outputs pads of T1 to T5 had to be changed and so the pads are “new” and will not be reconnected in your projects. You must reconnect them manually.

Retro 5

Allows to create sounds close to famous vintage drum machines. 

Contains the same kick and Snare as Aquarius

Hats adds “metal” tones to create old-school hats, rides etc.

Perc 1 is 2 sine oscillators and white noise going into an output filter (4 bands). It adds a formant filter and the 4 bands filter-Eq has also been completely revised and customised to match the new VCOs.

Perc 2 is the same as Perc 1 but with different filter outputs. Perc 2 is get sounds close to the speaker outputs of a venerable drum machine.

The rest is the same as in Aquarius.

Retro 5 does not simulate any old school bit or distortion. It is generally clean sound (excep when you distort it).


KiS is a Kick and a Snare sharing the same keyboard. You can set the keyboard split note.

It is made to be played with a midi/keyboard, running in parallel to an Aquarius or Retro 5, to add manually kick and snares variations and fills. 

LogiQ and other devices will not trigger it. You generally use it in parallel to Aquarius+LogiQ, to add kick/snare variations.

It is based on the Aquarius kick and snare but uses a different ADSR  that is more adapted to keyboards. The keyboard will also determine the root frequency of each drum section.

For example, you can play the kick like a bass, by adding sustain. It is generally cool for sub-basses. The right tuning (Kick “Freq” pot) should allow to play it like a synth bass.

Each section has its own Pitch bend (-/+ 36 semi tones) and master tune. The Snare also has a “key follow” parameter that adds the note value to the filter cutoff (the effect is rather subtle as notes use a very limited range of values).

Aquarius Max

It is Aquarius modded to include the Retro 5 “Metals” of the Hats and 2 “Perc” oscillators inside the VCO 2021 (without the white noise). 

So it allows to make a sound similar to Retro 5’s “Perc 1 & 2”, but with the VCO 2021 engine.    

Aquarius Max is a different version because it uses 8 more oscillators than Aquarius. 

Tip: using Feedback will kill most sound differences between the two types of oscillators.  So put Feedback at zero to hear how they really differ.