Aquarius LogiQ – Repack-April 2021

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Update for: Aquarius LogiQ
Upload date: 2021-04-11
Some minor corrections + individual mono outputs.

– You will find mono outputs on all drum devices. These mono outputs are “pre-pan & pre-stereo inserts”, These outputs may make it easier to record drums on a DAW. 


– LG Sync Pro preset list was named “TxM5”, corrected. 

– FM Ratio: some people, me included, had an error message about a non-connected “FM Ratio 2  pad. Eventhough these message appears occasionally and does not bring any issue (the device work fine after the message), I may have found what could cause this error. As it happened to me only once (in a context of heavy dsp reassignments) , I cannot test fully, but so far, all seems good.

– Minor corrections here and there (mainly graphics).