Attenu Mixer 12 – Faster faders

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Update for: Everyone
Category: Add-on
Upload date: 2021-04-11
Changes in the summing circuit.

In the previous version, I did not notice that a suite of various modules were actually creating a proper envelope follower. This made the faders react with a lag time. Funny because of the unexpected effect, but to slow to use in a “live mixing” situation. 

Therefore I changed this. It was difficult to find a way to make it work without going  back to my usual mixer routings. So I came up with this solution which will be enough for most people. There is still a bit of lag time, but it is much less obvious. You cannot do what you would do with a DJ crossfader though.

I am still working on another technic to see if it is going to make the fader even faster and without clicks or artefact when moving the faders very fast, but it will take a bit of time, and this version should be enough for most situations. 

You will also find two potis that change the look of the mono and stereo sections (I wasn’t at my best artistically speaking though, everything is a bit psychedelic 🙂  

PLEASE NOTE: this version takes slightly more dsp than before and must be reloaded and reconnected manually to avoid other issues.  This is because I had to redesign several parts of the summing engine, and re-do all the individual outputs and pre/post aux sends etc. So there are new connections pads that will not be recognized by Xite if you simply reload an old project with this mixer as a replacement. Myself, I had to remove the old one and load this one instead, manually.