LG Sync Pro

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Update for: Everyone
Upload date: 2021-03-14

This is the same as the one found in Aquarius LogiQ pack, useable with KrOn devices.

This device is for “everyone” because it does not contain a particular DSP key. 


LG Sync allows to transform a note-on message into a gate message. It is used to trigger various modulators by using different midi channels and/or midi drivers. It’s main purpose is to seperate triggers for melodies, and bring much more precise and easy to use gates. 


  • In KrOn, you can use LG Sync connected to inputs “LG” or “LGi” .
  • You can control the Quad modulator by connecting an LG output to the Ext 1 or Ext 2 inputs (and choose them to trigger the Quad).
  • In LFO fade in/out triggers, you can connect an LG Sync output to the Ext2 input of KrOn or Mini-KrOn.