Pigment 3 Bank Image SpaceF Magma

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Update for: Soundware
Category: Add-on
Upload date: 2021-06-20
An Image available for the bank list of Pigment 3

Placing the attached png file in the right folder will allow this image to appear in the Bank manager of Pigment 3

Instructions (Windows)

Downlaod the zip file or right click the image above.

Install in

Instructions (Mac)

Select the image at the top left of this page to copy/download it.

The path has not been verified on Macs but should be similar to: HD /Library/Arturia/Shared/images/vc8_images/packs/

Do not change the name of the image other wise it will not be associated with the bank.

After installing the image, restart Pigment 3 and enjoy.

Low Resolution ? Pigments takes a big image and resizes it, causing loss.