KrOn can control CV hardware synths, Eurorack modules, Korg MS20, and Scope synths and effects.
“KrOn V” is a lighter device that manages DSP and V/Oct only (no MS20).


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Fig. 1: 2 KrOn are synced together to control Eurorack modules and DSP synths.



KrOn’s strength resides in the pitch sequencers, wich include pitch tables tuned to the following formats: V/Oct (Eurorack, analog synths), MS20 Pitch Mod, MS20 OSC (Hz/V), Scope DSP (scope synths and modular patches).  Additonally, the “value sequencers” are not quantized to exact notes and can be used in a more classical way

KrOn can also mix several modulations together or convert midi messages to CV such as mod wheel, pitch bend and aftertouch, or midi notes.  So it saves the need for a midi to CV converter.

 If you do not own hardware analog synths or Adat to CV converter, krOn comes with two “DSP/CV synths” which have little to envy to some hardware synths. You can produce sounds “out of the box” without the need for extra gear.


DSP to Analog CV

An underlying function of KrOn is to allow Scope users to begin a Euro rack setup with the strict minimum: a small Eurorack case for the power supply, an Expert Sleeper ES 3 ADAT to CV for Scope to CV conversion, one or two analog oscillators or a synth with CV inputs. You can leave the purchase of expensive modulators or filters for later.

To control hardware such as analog synths, you need an ADAT to CV converter. KrOn is calibrated for Expert Sleepers ES3 ADAT to CV converter because it is widely available, and easy to find on the second hand market. It could also be the best “price per output” of the market to date.



Fig. 2: KrOn controlling a Behringer Neutron and Minitaur



  • Pitch tables for V/Oct, Korg Hz/V (absolute), MS20 Pitch modulation (Hz/V relative) and Scope DSP pitch table.  The Eurorack pitch table is compatible with native soft-synths calibrated to either V/Oct or Hz/V (*).
  • Pitch tables compatible with each other, you can change from a scope synth to Eurorack format, and when you save a preset, it is available in any format.
  • 4*32 steps sequencers made of 8* 16 steps sequencers, all of them permanently accessible, with pitch bend and modulated pitch bend.
  • All 32/16 pitch and value sequencer have presets that can be exchanged between them.
  • All pitch and value sequencers are compatible with any destination: pitch, filter, VCA, gates, etc.
  • Pitch sequencers include programmable “pitch bends” with independant slide-up/down settings and that can be modulated.
  • 1* 8 steps pitch sequencer with independent speed settings.
  • 1 * “Quad” 4-steps sequencer of modulations, with independent speed settings
  • 3 LFO synced to BPM with trigger, shape, speed and start phase options. Shapes available: Sine, Triangle, Saw up, Saw Down, Square.
  • 2 envelopes that can be cycled or triggered by Midi Notes, triggers, LFOs or External Audio.
  • Mod-wheel to CV
  • Aftertouch to CV
  • Midi CC to CV (more than 20 Midi CC can be sent to CV).
  • Midi Notes and Pitch bend  to CV with a module to chain to Kron or to use standalone (as shown in Fig.1 above).
  • 2 External Inputs with envelope followers, to use external audio as modulators or triggers.
  • Outputs Mixers allow mixing several modulations together
  • Individual Master outputs allow to fine-tune signals, and to remote control the Filter Cutoff or Oscillator Frequency of non-midi analog synths.
  • Different output setups save the need to re-patch the ES-3 as alll is taken care of internally.
  • Text inputs allow to write down where each output goes.
  • Extensive preset capabilities (Program changes, pitch sequencer sub-preset list).
  • KrOn can be the BPM Master of other KrOns and compatible devices. Allows controlling the BPM of several devices at once.
  • KrOn “Max Pack” includes several CV Synths immediately useable with KrOn.
  • …. and more.
  • (*)  V/Oct = 36 semi-tones (3 octaves), Hz/V=48 semi-tones (4 octaves), Scope DSP=48 semi-tones (4 octaves). Native soft-synths calibrated to V/Oct= please use the Eurorack pitch tables and boost the master outputs by 12dB (function included in KrOn, no need for an external gain module).


KrOn Family


At first, KrOn did not include any feature for Scope synths, but it quickly became obvious during the building, that some Scope oscilllators sound as good as some hardware oscillators (or filters).


That’s why KrOn quickly became a “family” of devices that work together and which are offered in the KrOn Max Pack.


Some devices are included in KrOn, and some others are optional because not all users need them.
If you own the whole colllection, then you get some of the best tools scope has to offer in terms of oscillators and filters.
KrOn comes with 3 CV Synths – JunZ,  Volcano and Mini FMZ.


The KrOn Max Pack contains 3 extra synths – Magma, Spirit and FMZ.
You can also purchase extra synths separetely.
— > More info on KrOn Max Pack



KrOn with Behringer Neutron:   




KrOn with DSP/CV synths:




Using KrOn and its extensions for Midi to CV. Sorry for the non sense playing, it is to show responsiveness or the Keyboard to Eurorack CV conversion.

Aftertouch, Midi Key Follow, Vibrato, and multiple Midi Control changes can also be converted to CV.