Mini FMZ 2

Family: BlackBox| KrOn
Type: Add-on
A small update to add basic standalone capabilities to Mini-FMZ

Requires KrON *or* BlackBox III key.

Corrections on Mini FMZ

Surface was opening at the bottom of the project window = Corrected.

BOTH devices: should also behave correctly in Screensets and device panel should be recalled properly in projects.

Added Mini FMZ-2

For a year, I’ve been used Mini FMZ to create a sub bass to double other synths bass. Now I have added a Filter Enveloppe and a second FM Carrier.
The new envelope allows reaching more diverse bass sounds while keeping it super simple. The added oscillator allows to have fun and create sounds which are reminiscent of the 80’s.

  • Presets

Mini FMZ-2 preset list can import previous version presets.
A few examples are added in the “v2” Factory list.


FMZ is a different way to make FM Synthesis in Scope/Xite and was primarily for KrOn users.

It is now in BlackBox III too. There are various devices that can send additional modulations to Mini FMZ, such as NeoDyne or small sequencers. 

Download it from “Synth” sections of BlackBox III or KrOn Download pages (see the “Downloads” menu).

The sounds below have been equalized and mixed. The delays are made with Del-Ray 2 and Dubby 4.