Family: BlackBox
Type: Add-on
NeoDyne is a powerful synthesizer added to the "BB3 Full Pack"

Shop the full BB3 pack with Neodyne and future devices.

Special Upgrades are available if you already own BB3 devices.

Check  the end of this page for differences between the demo and release versions.

What's so special ?

Neodyne started like a simple “BB3 in a single device” and evolved into a simulation of a standalone Eurorack in a semi-modular form. It mixes elements from famous vintage synth with a best of all SpaceF synths and modulators, and can be expanded with BB3 Oscillators and filters (insert effects that are oscillators or filters).  Neodyne was then oriented to produce Stereo lush pads and strings with a “voicy character” without using effects (so effects makes those sounds even better), as well as being able to produce glitch’n’bleeps usually made with modular synth, or   drum/percussion patterns made of various noises and oscillators’ screams. Neodyne is open to the Scope and Eurorack world with 3 external inputs and 2 modulation outputs. Eventhough Neodyne is built as a mono synth, it has powerful stereo features: the final multiband cascade of stereo effects with Pan will allow to place effects on frequencies and create very wide sounds with better stereo than usual. For example, place an autopan on the mids, a delay on the high, and a chorus on the lows, then use the “fx order” menu to change the order of effects and find new sounds. You can also reverse the two final effects, and route the mids to one or the other, or both.

Another interesting part is the 8 step sequencer which polyphony is independant from the synth global polyphony. This allows to play a chord and have the sequencer on 1 note only. Of course, the sequencer is polyphonic and could match the polyphony of the synth, but it is not an obligation. In general, the sequencer polyphony does not need to match the synth polyphony, except if you want the sequencer on all notes. 

NeoDyne is a big synth, but probably not the biggest of the scope platform. It is made to be usable with polyphony. It has been tested up to 7 voices of polyphony (on an xite-1) and can go up to 9 in its settings (more than 5/7 voices seems inappropriate for a Scope synth which is not meant as a piano or electric piano, 9 voices is probably possible with a neodyne alone in an xite-1 project.). Personally I use 2 Neodynes in recent projects: 1 with 3 voice polyphony, and another with 1 voice only. I always set the sequencer polyphony to 1, but the sequencer can also be fully polyphonic.  This setup allows to layer 2 neodyne for very ample sounds, or to create a multitimbral split keyboard by limiting the keyboard range of each synth. 

But nothing will replace downloading and trying the demo by yourself.    

Approximately 200 presets are included. A lot of work and fine tuning has gone into Neodyne, and I am convinced that it is simply the best SpaceF synth ever, which includes a lot of “tricks & goodies” found year after year, and a great sounding synth for Scope platform in general. 

Shop the full BB3 pack with Neodyne and future devices.

Special Upgrades are available if you already own BB3 devices.

Check below for differences between the demo and release versions.


The following are improvements/corrections made after the Demo version was released. 


 M.CC button: allows to show/hide potentiometers connected to most drop-down lists of NeoDyne. These potentiometers are made to assign a midi CC and remote control menu selection. This function does not exist in the demo version. 
 Filter 3 Modulators: added AfterTouch and ModWheel, reorganised list.
– Added “Bias” in PWM modulators list. Bias allows to “navigate” manually between wavetables of the Papaya-G oscillator (which are sometimes difficult to reach otherwise).
– P8/P8 NoLag as PWM modulators. P8 was first removed from PWM for having too little effect, but has been readded again for confort. If you find the direct signal too low, you can use the P8 through ModMix 1 or 2 with a gain boost. 
 ‘Mod2 to BB3’ boosted internal gains and send levels (the PWM list and send is the same as for the regular oscillator. The send levels are much louder when in “BB3 mode” than in regular oscillator mode).
 Mod Wheel amount (red vertical vu) is now stored/restored in presets.


– Modulators Osc 1 / 2 / 3 have been removed from Filter 3 Mod list because they are not useable with the Vox/Formant filter. These modulators are still available for Filter 3 through the Mod Mixers 1 & 2.


 Trigger sources of TEG 1 and 2 were not in presets
 Mod. Selector of BP filter was not in preset
 BB3 Inserts presets were restored randomly. Completely revised and solved.
  BP/F3 resonance modulation amount was not in preset, corrected.


– Larger preset name display, allows longer preset names.
– Redesigned program change navigator and “edit” window
– Many graphics alignments, overlaps, overlooks, have been corrected (dry routing gain, Freq. Vu meters, buttons, potis, some drop-down list font size & color background…..).
– Various panel optimizations (speed/ram)
– minor routing optimizations (saves DSP resources equivalent to an Eq or a simple modulation effect).
– Review of all presets in consideration of the above.

Corrections In Papaya-G Oscillator Insert

– corrected unexpected offset of 1 semitone
– improved “wavescanning” by boosting Neodyne’s Mod2 levels (easier to “scan” all the difrent parts of a wavetable.
– Surface state and position stored/restored in screensets.

Corrections In Pulsine3 oscillator Insert

– Mute buttons had no effect
– Added + 12 dB at master output (now total is +24 dB gain)
– F.In and Mod2 send levels were mixed up.
– Fine tune corrected.
– Surface state and position stored/restored in screensets.