Magma Wavetables Only

Format: 24 bits| 44.1| wav
Recording: Digital
Generators: SpaceF Magma







Xfer Serum

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20.4 MB


Wavetables made with SpaceF Magma synth and compatible with Xfer Serum, Arturia Pigments, NI Forms, NI Kontakt, and many more. 51 presets for Serum included, where you can load any of the other 720+ wavetables….


Demos made with Pigments 2 (samples and wavetables)

Demos made with Xfer Serum  (wavetables only)


This pack brings you wavetables of oscillators of the SpaceF Magma synth, and can be used in any wavetable player, such as Serum, Pigments, Kontakt, Ni Forms, and many more.

This pack is a smaller version of the “Full Samples and Wavetables Pack”.  The full pack contains the same wavetables and adds long samples of oscillators, and 87 presets for Pigments (which are not part of this pack because the Pigments presets use a lot of oscillators samples).

It includes:

729 wavetables – optimized for Serum, Pigments 2, Ni Forms  – divided as follows:

  • 302 wavetables sampled at root key C0
  • 325 wavetables sampled at root key C1
  • 102 wavetables sampled at root key C4

51 presets for Serum (mostly pre-morphed wavetables).

All wavetables are morphable, either automatically (Arturia Pigments “morph” button), or by choice of the user (Xfer Serum, select “morph Spectral” or any other morph method in Serum’s WT editor).

The difference between the various root keys is the sound: C0 is regular wavetables while C1 includes more cycles. The C4 wavetables are a bonus: they give a different result and are to be used for the higher notes of the keyboard.  N?ot all WT exist in C4 root key, for the simple reason that it did not sound good. We removed all that did not sound good  from our bank.

All wavetables exist in Single, Dual, Triade, PentaWT,  Octave WT, as well as “z02” and “z11” wavetables. Explanations below.

Please note that, to ensure compatibility with most software and wavetable players, some wavetables may include 1 extra sample to ensure compatibility.

Single WT (2048 samples length)

Single WT are simple cycles of 2048 samples of each oscillator. They are simple extracts from the long samples of the full pack, but do not sound the same.

Dual and Octave WT (4096 samples length)

The Dual and Octave WT are made of two oscillators and allow subtle or radical changes of the sound. The combinations can be “soft to hard” , dry to distortion, distortion to distortion, or octave changes. Dual and Octave WT are 4096 samples long. 

Penta WT (10240 samples length)

Made of 5 oscillators, and can be used as an oscillator bank to quickly find the right timbre that you need, or to swipe through each oscillator, creating subtle changes using all or a few of the 5 oscillators. The length is 2048*5=10240 samples.

Triade WT (6144 samples length)

Made of 3 oscillators, and can be used as an oscillator bank to quickly find the right timbre that you need, or to swipe through each oscillator, creating subtle changes as you play them.   

z02 WT (4096 samples length)

The “z02” wavetables are 2 cycles of the same oscillator, in a file of 4096 samples.  The difference with Dual and Octave WT is that z02 are made with the same oscillator, while Dual and Octave use different oscillators.

z11 WT (22 528 samples length)

The “z11” wavetables are samples of 11*2048= 22528 samples from the same oscillator. They have different usage depending on the host used to play them. In Serum, z11 can be used as a bank of “timbre” from the same  oscillator. In Arturia’s Pigments,  z11 are great to use with phase distortion and waveshaper modulations. 

More features

Presets for Serum

Made for all styles of electro, dubstep, trance, house, techno, and can also be used in classic genre.

Musicality and quality was the criteria used when cleaning the preset list to keep only the best of them. 

If you do not own Serum, it does not matter, you can use the wavetables and keep the presets for the day you try Xfer Serum.

Compatible with Pigment file explorer

Import the WT folders through Pigments, and play. That’s all you have to do. 

In most other host, it is about copying the wavetables in a folder of your choice, or dragging a wavetable into an oscillator slotOur “Magma Wavetable Only” pack is indeed compatible with any wavetable player. 

if you want presets for Pigments, please check SpaceF-Magma-Full Pack.

More hardware sampled

We brought Magma a little bit further by sending it to guitar pedals.  The distortion wavetables and samples exist as single WT, dual WT (“dry to dist” and “dist to dist”) and Triades, to allow morphing from a distortion sound to another (or from “dry to distortion”).   Magma has been especially edited for each of our guitar pedals, and it is not simply existing samples that have been used. For each pedal, we took the time to edit Magma for the best sonic response(s).

Everything has been recorded through a Sonic Core Xite-1 DSP card and an A16 Ultra ADDA converter, for the best sonic quality.


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