Tuning Fork

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A tuning fork for notes, strings, chords

This tuning fork outputs sound and allows to tune by ear.  It was released in the mid-2000s and uses the same base as the Chord Oscillators from BlackBox II.

  • For string instruments like bass and guitar, turn the “string” parameter to change the current string, or use the “on” buttons next to each string.  
  • You can change each note by dragging the Coarse knob or the numbered squares on the keyboard.  You could also tune to micro tuning with the “Fine” button.
  • This device comes with a “chord” preset that includes a bank with classic and open-tuning for guitar/bass.
  • You can also use it as a reference to tune synth oscillators and other gear.

Tips for tuning by ear

Tuning by ear is achieved by playing two sounds and listening to the resulting modulation.

  1. Select the string to tune on the tuning fork device, in order to have a tuned reference.
  2. Play the coresponding guitar string and adjust  it the best possible.
  3. Now play the guitar string again and locate the modulation that is produced: fine-tune the string by listening only to the modulation and aiming for the slowest possible modulation rate.