Attenu Mixer 12

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Category: Add-on
Upload date: 2021-03-28

This version was replaced because the faders show a long lag time of more than 1 or 2 seconds, making it unuseable for fast fader movements. 

Please download the newer version here :

In the download you will find 3 zip files. It is the same device but with different keys for different packs. 

It is a small mixer that is made for live controls. This is a free bonus that was tested for a few weeks, but that is given “as is”.

AttenuMixer is a special mixer that was built for setups using KrOn and/or Aquarius. 

It is viewed as a live mixer, ie one that is not used to mix in the state of art, but that will be used to record and play live sessions. 

A “solo” button under the master section channels “Z” and “W” allows to mute all channels except the Z and W channels.

This is helpful to mute KrOn and LogiQ sequences. 

Z and W are respectively for Asio and Wave. Asio can of course be connected to channels, but the Z input is for those session when you use only the sterteo mix of your Asio Daw. 

The channels have a pre-gain of -6dB to +12dB. 

The level faders are attenuators. You cannot add gain with faders.   This is because you already have the pre-gain to boost  audio, and if you feel the need to boost channels even more, then  it means that there is a problem with the level of the source.  

The text section “module name” allows you to set a name for the mixer, that will be reflected in the project window.