Attenu Mixer 12

This version was replaced because the faders show a long lag time of more than 1 or 2 seconds, making it unuseable for fast fader movements.  Please download the newer version here : In the download you will find 3 zip files. It is the same device but with different keys for different packs.  […]

Mini KrOn 4 (6 outputs)

Corrections EG 1 ADSR values were not easy to use. Revised Curves LFO 3 Fade-in / fade out values were wrong Output 2 slots were messed up (volumes and switch were not paired) P3 trigger of the EG1 has been revised and works properly (did not work because a CV Pitch of 0 is not […]

KrOn 4 (c)

This version is better to use in Scope, and may help in Xite too

JunZ 2021

JunZ brings improvments in usability and changes in various parameters.

KrOn 4

KrOn 4 brings a lot of refinements and new features.


Correct the second EG, where auto-gate sources were not all connected.


Now includes 4 selectable trigger outputs + 4 regular mixed outputs