JunZ 2021

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Update for: KrOn| KrOn Max Pack
Upload date: 2021-02-11
JunZ brings improvments in usability and changes in various parameters.

JunZ changes various parameters:

  • Sub Osc 2 has a tuning parameter, so JunZ is more like a two-oscillators synths .
  • Resonance is different and easier to modulate. Resonance will never go beyond a pre-set maximum.
  • The included LFO amount of the filters is easier to set (more relevant values).
  • The Drive parameter does not go as low as before, and goes much higher.
  • The Filter ADSR has been changed to one that is easier to play in standalone mode (ie, when the “drone” parameter is off). It sshould not change previous presets a lot, contrary to the other modification.

This version is labelled “2021” so you can keep the old one (no need to overwrite).