KrOn 4 (c)

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Update for: KrOn| KrOn Max Pack| Scope
Upload date: 2021-02-21
This version is better to use in Scope, and may help in Xite too

Copied from the included Read Me file


This version of KrOn does not have the tag “LoadOn Same DSP” that the other version has.
The “Load On Same DSP” is a device tag that allows devices to be loaded… on the same DSP.

This works on most devices – and I found it helpful in XIte – but a user reported loading issues on Scope PCI, ie, not being able to load KrOn 4 because too big (Scope cannot find a way to load KrOn 4 or parts of it on a same DSP). 

So here is a version without this tag, that should work on Scope PCI just like KrOn 3.

On Xite:

I added the “Load On SameDSP” tag on Xite when I had issue making connections between devices.
I found that the tag allowed me to load KrOn and connect it more easily, but it may be a coincidence, because I did not reload save and reload a project when I had this issue. But I kept it like that because I did not have any abnormal issue, and forgot about it. 

Therefore, having both version may be helpful when building big projects in Xite: if  you are stuck with connection issues, try loading the other version and see if it makes your life easier (the two version to not load the same way and so will not use the same dsp-to-dsp connection. It means that using one or the other version can free dsp-to-dsp connections. This depends on the project you are building). 

So, on Xite, use either version, the one that works for you in a particular project.