KrOn 4 (d)

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Update for: KrOn| KrOn Max Pack
Upload date: 2021-03-14
A few corrections and additions

This version does not “load on same dsp” (which is the normal way for Scope and Xite).

  • The EG1 sync mode was not reflecting sync time values right. Completely revised implementation. Presets remain Ok.
  • Various minor things here and there.
  • Added Ext2 input for the LFO fade-in/out triggers.
  • CV Tune 0 modulator: allows to send a pitch of “+0” , which is useful to tune eurorack oscillators. This saves the need to sacrifice 1 step sequencer with all values at 0. You can find the CV Tune 0 modulator in the last mixer slot of each section (as well as in the first mixer slot of the P1/P2 outputs).
  • Backward signal protection: a diode system (feedback modules) has been added to all outputs. This avoids signals going the wrong way in situation with a lot of interconnections between many devices (intense projects). The backward signal is supected to shut down all signal flows (ie outputs become unactive until the device or project is reloaded). This system – which is pretty light on DSP as it is just 8 feedback modules – forbids any signal to go back the wrong way.