Mini KrOn 4 (6 outputs)

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Update for: KrOn| KrOn Max Pack
Category: Nightly Build
Upload date: 2021-03-14
  • EG 1 ADSR values were not easy to use. Revised Curves
  • LFO 3 Fade-in / fade out values were wrong
  • Output 2 slots were messed up (volumes and switch were not paired)
  • P3 trigger of the EG1 has been revised and works properly (did not work because a CV Pitch of 0 is not 0. It was working only for DSP pitch).
  • T2 inner volume was way below normal. Fixed. 
  • Minor graphic optimizations.

Main Additions

  • Added Outputs 5 and 6
  • CV Pitch 0 modulator. Allows to tune oscillators without needing to sacrifice a pitch sequencer.
  • Added a 4th source to the T-Mix mixer.
  • LFO 3 fade-in/out trigger sources, so a note-on is not needed to trigger the fade-in/out of the LFO 3.
  • Color presets
  • LG input to sync with LG sync pro or LogiQ.