KrOn 4

Adds many small features to explore new territories

What's new ?

KrOn 4 is an update to KrOn3. But as new features were added, I had to let go a couple of previous ones for the time being, such as the LFO pre-delay which was not playing nicely with phase start. KrOn presets 4 will not be 100% compatible with KrOn 3, because the LFO pre-delays will be ignored. Moreover, the new features make KrOn  4 use a bit more ressources than krOn 3. A part from that, all previous presets will load fine and new parameters will load as “deactivated” by default when loading a KrOn 3 preset.

Here is a list of updates:

1 – Color presets  allowing to load your desired setup of text/colors without touching any other parameter.

2 You can also adjust some modulators internal gains (mostly unpitched modulators like LFOs)

3 You can set the Bias cap values (up to 12 dB gain boost. Advised with eurorack: around +3dB)

4 – New leds for the 32 steps. 2 rows that show the 32 or 16 step state of each line. Makes things immediately better.  

5 – Time-synced ADR on both EG

6 – LFo3 rate modulation

7 LFO 1/2/3 can derive a note-on/off from the T LFOs. This allows to have fade in/out even without incoming notes on/off. It allows to create “crossfading” between LFOs and boosts KrOn’s modulations by a great number. Allows making sequences not possible previously.

8 – Leds on EG and LFO rate modulation.

9 – 3rd input selector on outputs A3/A4

10 – Color selectors on front panel. The colors themselves are not selectable anymore, so there is no more acidental changes of colors while editing the mixer outputs. Now you can use the small white knob in the bottom right corner of each output section.

11 – added LFO T3

12. Ext 1 / Ext 2 do not go through a dsp to cv attenuator, but directly to the mixers, so you can use pitch/modulators from other devices, wether CV or DSP, and it will remain untouched.

13. LFO 1 / 2 / 3 as EG triggers

14. Correction of the manual tempo on T1/T2

15 – LG Input (at the top of the project module): allowing KrOn to receive a impulse signal to use as a gate. It is made mainly to Slave KrOn to “LogiQ” LogiQ can be master of the tempo and gate restarts of KrOn, ensuring they are both always in sync. LogiQ can resync every 4/6/8 measures (8 measures = similar to 128 steps).  The “manual” Press button can be mixed with the LG input.   When Kron is “slave”, incoming notes-on do not trigger the sequencer (which is not new as we had the “manual mode”, but the interest here is that you do not need a midi cc to sync KrOn, ie you can work in Scope and fire the sequencer once you need to record something – and at this point you will go from LogiQ sync to notes-on or manual CC. A standalone device allowing the same functions as LogiQ should be available for KrOn in the future.


Some of the new features should make it to Mini-KrOn in the future.