KrOn 3

Adds dual automated vibrato and Hz LFOs

KrOn 2

KrOn 2 is an update and includes additional devices

Prodyssey CV

A major update to Sonic Core’s Prodyssey with about 40 new features and functions.

Label 8 / 8+

2 handy devices to label your source/dest and patch-bay i/o.

S4 channels

DSP Optimization for this Modular Mixer v2 module

Magma CV

Correction of the VCA/EG, added polyphony.

Aux Dualizer

Allows to use external mono effects such as guitar pedals, with stereo aux sends and returns.

White Noise for BB2

The Noise oscillator can now be switched between filtered noise and white noise.


This sequencer for the Korg MS20 also works with Scope synths with trigger inputs.