2-3-4-EGs Multi-timbral

Family: KrOn
Type: Add-on

>> Requires a KrOn key.

These devices are midi-controlled envelopes for audio signals. They come in various channel count, to adapt your need and save DSP where needed.

They are multi-timbral, meaning that each envelope can react to a different midi channel. Moreover, the device can be controlled by Midi CCs on an independent midi channel.

You will find presets and “sub-presets” for comfort, letting you save parts of the device for quick recall. For example, you probably have 1 or two midi setup, or use favorite colors: save those once for all and recall them at will.

The output presets allow linking several channels to an envelope, or switching various setups on the fly.

Applying different envelopes at different moments of a song will bring life and variation to your tracks. This can be done with the main preset list too of course.

Try Egs and VCAs before Delays and Reverb and automate the send level with notes.

Multitimbral EGs VCA (KrOn Key)

Multi-timbral Envelope Generators (KrOn key)