SpaceF Dubby-3

Type: New
Dubby-3 is a new delay unit that makes it easy to create complex delays.

Dubby 3 is built upon “Tri-Delay” found in The BlackBox package, and was refined to enjoy more powerful modulators and sophisticated signal routine. Dubby 3 uses 5 delay lines in 2 delays. The first delay (“Tri-Delay”) has 3 delay lines and Pre-Filters to sculpt the input sound with or without modulations. Then it goes to a second delay (Delay II) which has a filter and an “auto-pitch-shifter” circuit and post-filters.  There are 11 modulation sources (5 LFOs, 1 enveloppe follower, 1 ADSR triggerable by keyboard or LFOs, modulation mixers, external input, and more). 

Dubby-3 is excellent for dub style echoes, but not only. 75 presets are included, exploring a large range of ambiences and possibilities.  

It is of course controllable by Midi CCs and program Changes. 

Check the audio demos, download the manual and Dubby-3 demo.  

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The audio demos showcase a few of the 75 included presets. Several presets are used in each track. 

SpaceF Dubby 3 - Manual

Dubby-3 user manual

Dubby 3 Demo