VCAs and Delay for “Midi to CV”

Solve your timing issue when using Midi to CV.

VCAs were first meant as a notes on/off utility to silence KrOn when your DAW is stopped. 
However, they can be used on any audio source to “re-envelope” them, or as a way to automate the “send level” to a delay or reverb.

8-Del allows adding latency to ADAT channels. It allows compensating latency of the “Midi to CV” device in order to solve timing/rythmic issues between Pitch and modulations.

You will find an updated version of 8-Del with a bypass switch in the downloads below.

A PDF Manual is included in the zip with more details.


VCAs and Latency compensation for Midi to CV pitch signals. 


8-Del like the one found in the "VCA-Delays" pack, but with a Bypass Switch