Announcing KrOn II

Family: KrOn
Type: Add-on
KrOn II is a simpler version of KrOn with powerful novelties.

KrOn II has one less 32 steps pitch/val sequencers, and introduces a new modulator, the “T mix”, which is a little bit like the Logiquencer, and which outputs triggers for the EG 1 as well as modulation  available in the output mixers.

KrOn II introduces forward/backward/random modes for the step sequencers, with the ability to reverse the direction of the 16-steps parts (play modes A/B or B/A). The “Pong” is the new name of the algorythm which allows to play a sequence based on a come-and-go movement between the 16-steps blocks. 

KrOn II also adds a 37th note to the Eurorack sequencer. It is a “Null” value that sends nothing. It is made to allow mixing two pitch sequencers together and not transpose added notes by one octave. The “Null” value is useful when mixing 2 sequencers where one or both are in random modes.

In comparison to KrOn “v1”, KrOn II has 4 outputs instead of 8, does not include the Quad sequencer nor the second 32-step pitch/val sequencers, and has one envelope generator only. The “Ext 2” input is still available but does not include an envelope follower. This saves a lot of DSP while keeping most wanted features inside and running. 

KrOn II comes in two version “a” and “b”, where “b” is more adapted to lower resolution screens of laptop (output section is placed below the modulators), and where “a” is more adapted to screens with a resolution of 1920*1080 or more.

KrOn II should be available in June/July 2020. It’s release is dependant on the acquisition of a new true analog eurorack oscillator in order to check the tuning with different types of oscillators, which has been delayed due to world conditions.

You can check the current version of KrOn II playing a SC Prodyssey CV+Eurorack Pico VCO wavetable, in the video below: