Prodyssey CV

Type: Add-on
A major update to Sonic Core's Prodyssey with about 40 new features and functions.

The Prodyssey CV is a variation of a classic DSP synth that adds about 40 new features and functionalities, and it still allows to load any presets from the classic Prodyssey. The Prodyssey CV is available for free to all owners of the classic Prodyssey (i.e. requires a key for the classic Prodyssey).

The Prodyssey CV is available for download from Sonic Core, with the “download” button below.  

You can also access Sonic Core FTP here to manually download  “” package.

The Prodyssey CV uses the same activation key and dsp files as the classic Prodyssey.  The package contains both the classic Prodyssey and Prodyssey CV, as well as presets lists and manual files. 

If you do not own the SC Prodyssey yet, you may want to download the PDF manual below, to get familiar with the new functions. 

Prodyssey CV

PDF manual for the Prodyssey CV

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A word about the Soundcloud audio demos:

1. mDTI-Prodyssey Uni-Poly-Solo: this skeleton of track by  artist mDTI uses only the Prodyssey CV. It begins with 2 unison presets (3 voices only), followed by a polyphonic sequence (2 notes chords) and a solo sound.

2. Prodyssey CV 2020: shows a monophonic lead sequence played with aftertouch to sync FM, followed by a polyphonic sequence, then a bass modulated by the new LFO enters the scene. 

3. Prodyssey CV – Ultravox Style: a sequenced flanged-bass followed by a lead preset making use of ModWheel and Aftertouch. The fat sound is achieved with a modular Mixer v2 “FX routing #6” on both sounds (with no FX in any of the insert slots). A mastering plugin (izotope elements) has been used to level the track, which is much louder than the other audio demos. 

4. Prodyssey CV – Easy Sequences: a slightly more complex bass sequence with filter modulation and a lead sequence that keeps evolving.

5. Prodyssey CV – AutoRepeat & S&H: the bass makes use of the Auto-Repeat function. The S&H uses new triggers and tempo sync.

6. Prodyssey CV – 001  (With KrOn Sequencer): a single sound modulated modulated by SpaceF KrOn sequencer. The pad is made with a VSTi to show how the Prodyssey CV integrates with non-DSP instruments. Uses external eq and reverb to shape the ambience.

7. Prodyssey CV – 002  (With KrOn Sequencer):  shows a paraphonic sequence where SpaceF KrOn modulates the pitch of the 2 oscillators of a single Prodyssey CV. 


Prodyssey CV in Productions

The basses of mDTI’s “Shadow in the Rain” and “Brin de Bruyère” use an early version of the Prodyssey CV, sequenced by SpaceF KrOn.