KrOn 3

Family: KrOn| Sequencer
Type: Update
Adds dual automated vibrato and Hz LFOs

This video shows the two vibrato controlled by different modulators. It is a way to automate Mod Wheel or to alternate between “normal” and “FM” sounds with the same oscillator. Mod Wheel is still available on both LFOs at the same time as the modulated intensity. 

KrOn 3 is a free update to KrOn and is available right now in your user area. 

It adds a dual vibrato that can be automated, as well as Hz controlled LFOs, in addition to important corrections to presets. 

For more details about the functions of KrOn 3, please check KrOn’s main page, and add the information in KrOn 2 update page.

FInally, Mini-KrOn 3 has been added to BlackBox 3 collection.