Aux Dualizer

Allows to use external mono effects such as guitar pedals, with stereo aux sends and returns.

Aux dualizer has been made to use stereo aux sends and returns with external mono effects such as guitar or synth pedals. You can also use it to send a signal to a dual-mono insert setup (the 2 mono insert slots inside the device).

The “gain” is for adjusting levels, while “pan” is for balancing the levels between two destinations. 

Aux Dualizer includes two mono insert slots at its  outputs. 

Aux dualizer is free for all (no keys inside).

In use

  • When used as a send, you can adjust the level to send to each pedal or mono insert. The pan is also used to balance the signal between your two mono effects.
  • When used as a return, the two mono channels allow to mix your return signals with gain and pan. When Pans are at the extremes like on the picture, you could use the Modular Mixer “Aux Rec Channel” to easily record the 2 mono channels in 2 mono tracks of your daw. 
  • The Mono L / R modes are probably more useful when used as a Return effect, and are there to adapt your setup. You don’t need to overthink where to plug your mono guitar pedal: just plug in one of your aux return inputs, and select one or the other mono mode to dispatch your mono signal into the stereo field. You still have access to dual-mono insert slot.
  • The “thru” mode  is a direct connection to the 2 mono inserts. It can also be used as a way to bypass the other modes.