Magma CV

Type: Update
Correction of the VCA/EG, added polyphony.


– Magma CV can now manage polyphony up to 7 voices.  

– Please note that CV signals are monophonic and are difficult to use with polyphonic synths. For example, if you play a chord, Pitch CV will be sent to the latest input note. In the example below, notice how the highest note is played later, in order to receive the Pitch sequence generated by K16 DSP/CV step sequencer. Pitch CV is easier to use when Magma is in Mono mode.  The use of CV with the filters is generally not an issue even in polyphonic mode.


– Magma worked only in “Drone” mode (controlled by CV/DSP sequencer) and the VCA and Filter Envelope did not activate correctly when played normally. Now corrected. Magma can be used in Drone mode or as a normal synth.