Echo 4m 2021

Type: Update
Echo4 receives a new Pre/Post modulated filter and a KrOn Sync input.

New pre-post filter with a twist

At the top of the devices you will find new parameters for the pre-post filter. 

Mix: is a crossfader between the dry and filtered sound. It says what is outputted from this section, ie filtered or not (like a bypass, but with all intermediate positions).  If you do not want to use the filter, “mix” should be full left, while the full-right position means you are using only the filter.  In between positions means that both filtered and unfiltered sounds will be outputted to the “next section”.  If the filter is “pre”, the “next section is the equalizer. if the filter is “post”, the next section is the wet section of the effect. 

The other parameters act on the filter type (LP, HP, BP), frequency and resonance. 

KSync input

You can connect Echo4m to KrOn or LogiQ’s Ks output.
The “KS” button of Echo is found above the bpm display.

When the “KS” button is “On”, Echo4 will receive the tempo from KrOn or LogiQ. When “KS” is off,Echo4 uses its own tempo. 


Only Echo4m ?

The KS input makes sense only in the MIDI Version of Echo4, not the insert effect.  

In the future, the filter will be added later to the Insert effect version.  Ambient Delay is still being tested with different filter types but a future update similar to this Echo4 update is planned.