Dubby-3 is a new delay unit from SpaceF that makes it easy to produce modulated delays for all dub genres.

Product is downloadable from your account order page after purchase.

The main zip file contains:

  • Dubby-3 delay unit (midi device made to be used in the main project window)
  • Preset lists: 76 main presets and various delay times presets.
  • Manual
  • DSP file

You will also find an additional zip file containg Del Ray, a mono version of Dubby 3 with added and modified features.


More information, demos, manuals: go to the product page

ACTIVATION: log-in and go to https://spacef-devices.com/activation-keys/   : choose Dubby-3, copy your Request String and Harware serial and send the form. Activation keys are generally sent after 24/48 hours.


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