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Spirit is a hybrid FM/VA Paraphonic synth to be used with SpaceF KrOn, or with external modulators from Modular Patches, VSTi and audio tracks, and Eurorack modulators.

Spirit oscillators use FM, Ring Oscillators, VA, and rely a lot on Phase cancellation through the mix of the different oscillators.

Spirit’s filters are fully stereo.  There are 4 filters inside, available in different configurations:  1 formant or 1 Dual-BandPass, and two 24dB Lowpass filters.

Spirit can be used “standalone” just like most Scope synths.

Used with KrOn or external modulators, it becomes a rhythmic and melodic machine to create sequences with 6 different sounds (5 internal sound sources + 1 external audio). You can modulate the volume of each “oscillator  the filters, and the final VCA, and achieve complex sequences very quickly.

You can modulate 21 parameters with 8 external modulators. 

Spirit inclludes 2 LFOs  to use on Filters or to trigger the VCA. LFO 2 rate can be modulated by LFO 1 or by various CV sources.

You can trigger the VCA with the included LFOs, external triggers, CV signals, and of course midi notes on/off.

Spirit also includes 3 direct stereo outputs, taken just after the pan of each filter channels.