KrOn uses Scope DSP modulators to control hardware synths, Eurorack and Scope synths

Modular Mixer

Modular Mixer V2 brings Scope Mixing to a new level

Echo 4

Echo4 and Ambient Delay offer great sounds while remaining light on resources

Latest News

KrOn V is available in KrOn and KrOn Max Pack. It is just as KrOn, but without the  Hz/V format for Korg’s MS20 and other vintage analog synths. It does only DSP and V/oct CV, which are the modern standards (even Korg abandonned Hz/V and now uses V/Oct, despite the fact that Hz/V gave you an additional octave).  KrOn V uses less ressources and internal connections, saving on overall DSP resources The release also contains various small improvements in various CV synths.

Synths for KrOn and Eurorack


For bass and classic mono synths


Classic japanese–style oscillators and filters


Unusual stereo growl and bite


FM, Ring, noise  to generate 5 voices rhythmic patterns

Mini FMZ

One Operator from FMZ


SpaceF own favorite FM/VA “multi-synth”