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Scope Plugins

For Scope and Xite DSP hardware 

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    Allows to activate all BlackBox III devices that you purchase.


  • Magma Wavetables Only

    Wavetables made with SpaceF Magma synth and compatible with Xfer Serum, Arturia Pigments, NI Forms, NI Kontakt, and many more. 51 presets for Serum included, where you can load any of the other 720+ wavetables….


  • K16 + K Light Step Sequencers

    Content of the package: K16 K-Light.16 NOTE: K16 and K-Light are included in the BB3 Core packs (here, and there) – K16 is also included in KrOn . Very light on DSP, K16 is a 16 step sequencers with LFOs, external audio inputs and midi controller.  It also includes Bias modulator and mute like KrOn […]


  • SpaceF Magma – Full Samples and Wavetables Pack

    Magma Oscillators  for Pigments, Serum, and all samplers also sound great with Analog Gear The following videos use the oscillators in  Arturia Pigments  to make polyphonic and granular pads Presets demos Magma Oscillators Pigments 2   This sample pack give you “Oscillators”, meaning actual VCO samples, unfiltered and unmodulated, that bring Magma into your favorite […]


  • LFO Steps

    LFO Steps is a powerful modulator that can be used for BlackBox III, Modular SYnth, as well as Eurorack and analog CV Synths. It inludes 3 LFOs, one 8 steps sequencer, as well as Midi and Audio inputs that can ge  Warning, the price does not include the key-activation that must be purchased here (click […]


  • BB3 – Osc 1

    BlackBox III Oscillator 1 “Delicate, Sophisticated, classic, unexpected”, these are the type of sounds you will get with this new oscillator for scope. The BB3 OScillator-synths take oscillator design to a new level of sound and function. Content of the download: BB3-Osc 1 .dev Preset list (main and NoCV) dsp file (without activation!)  Warning, the […]


  • BB3 OSC BB2

    The “BB2 OSc” is a device allowing to load BlackBox 2 “sat-oscillators”. It can also load Zarg Oscillators. This pack is perfect for those who already have BB2 and the Core Pack 1 or the Filt-EQ Midi version.  Requires BlackBox 2 oscillators (none is included) Requires a BlackBox III key that can be purchased here […]


  • BB3 – Osc 4

    Osc 4 is very different from the other Oscillators. It does not use the same approach as the other oscillators and it even includes a phaser at the oscillators’ stage. It sounds great used as a mono oscillator, but also great when used in pair for stereo effects. It allows to detune each oscillator to […]


  • BB3-Core Pack 1

    The Core Pack is a very high quality Analog Modelling Synth. The way it is built ensures the absolute best sound quality achievable in Scope, while its advanced CV / DSP implementation allows to integrate the oscillators and filters with Hardware Eurorack and VSTis used as oscillators or filters.  The modulators will also send free or […]


  • BB3-Osc 2

    BlackBox III oscillator 2 mixes various scope oscillators and adds a few SpaceF tricks to them. The sound is “creamy” if you level up all faders, but also deep when you use them one by one. Osc 2 is also great as a second oscillator running in parralel to Osc 1 and Osc 3. Content […]


  • Filt-Eq-1 (insert)

    6 band Equalizer with Modulated post-Eq resonant LowPasses (12/24 dB) or BandPass (12 dB).


  • K Light 16 – step sequencer

    K Light contains two 16 step sequencers and can be used as a modulator with any device that uses audio as modulation (BB3, KrOn, Modular Synths etc). It is very light on ressources and can be used on most DSP cards from SC. Of course, it contains full format compatibility for DSP synths , Eurorack, […]


  • KrOn

    This product includes: KrOn 3 Max (DSP, V/Oct, Hz/V) KrOn 3 (DSP and V/Oct only) KrOn 3 Mini KrOn 3 Moduls KrOn 3 Pitch 64 Volcano DSP synth JunZ DSP synth For more info on KrOn, check the product page.    


  • Upgrade KrOn to KrOn Max

    This upgrade requires that you already purchased KrOn. The upgrade adds FMZ, Spirit and Magma synths.  


  • Aquarius LogiQ Pro

    Drum machines bundle


  • Mini KrOn 3

    This pack requires a BB3 activation key  Contains: KrOn 3 Mini, modulator for Scope DSP/BB3/KrOn Synths,  V/Oct (Eurorack and CV synths), Hz/V V / Oct and Hz / V require an audio to CV converter like the Expert Sleepers ES-3 and similar (ADAT to CV).  


  • KrOn “Max Pack”

    KrOn Max Pack contains: KrOn 3 KrOn 3 Max (DSP, V/Oct, Hz/V) KrOn 3 (DSP and V/oct  only, no Hz/V ). KrOn 3 Mini KrOn 3 Pitch 64 KrOn 3 Moduls Volcano JunZ Spirit Magma FMZ Mini FMZ Midi to CV            


  • Filt-Eq 1 m (standalone midi version)

    FilteQ 1 m, standalone midi filter.


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