Del-Ray is a mono version of Dubby-3, with special features.

SpaceF Del Ray is a “stereo-to-mono-to-stereo” delay available for free with Dubby 3 . The input is stereo then it becomes mono when it reaches the pre-filters. Then, delay signals remain mono, until they reach the autopan at the very end of the circuit. 

You can select the source of the 3 delay lines. Signal may come from Left, Right, or L+R (sum). 

  • The dry signal is always stereo and can be sourced from the inputs, or the post-input “Insert Fx”(which is stereo).
  • The autopan can be modulated by any modulator, allowing to sync pan to filter frequency, for example.
  • An additional modulator labelled “CC” (just under the ADSR), allows to use a midi CC number and send it to all destinations at once. It includes an enveloppe follower to add lag or smooth the CC movements (or to use an on/off switch to create an AHD envelope).


Del Ray can load presets made with Dubby 3 (but they will be mono).

SpaceF Del-Ray is available through your user account order page and requires a previous installation of Dubby 3.