KrOn and CV Synths Update

Type: Update
Massive Update of SpaceF DSP-V/Oct sequencer and synths

KrOn DSP/CV sequencer and the CV synths have been massively updated with more features and improvements, with a special mention to Magma which sees many additions to supports a much better expressivity and can be used standalone, while using it with KrOn and/or K16 sequencers is of course where it will reveal its true modular power. Of course, this update is totally free of charge and available to all registered users.


  • New Pitch and Val Presets Export/Echange: these new preset lists can be exchanged between each Pitch&Val sequencers, and with other devices that uses these sequencers (that’s mainly for the future, as K16 and K Light should be able to load KrOn’s presets directly without the need to export/import). 
  • After Touch lag time now has a “release factor” of various preselected values (from x1 to x100).
  • Random shape available on all LFOs and Trigger generators
  • T1 and T2 trigger generators: all shapes are available (sine, triangle, saw up & down, square, and random)
  • T1 & T2 now available in Quad Modulator, and can also be mixed in all modulator mixers except P1 & P2 (just to save a bit of dsp by not adding 12 additional inputs)
  • T1 & T2 added in P1/P2 mixers 3rd selector.
  • The LFOs and Triggers update make KrOn a device with 5 mutli-mode LFOs (+ 2 auto-gateable/loopable EGs)
  • Envelopes Auto-gate can now be triggered by all 32 steps Pitch and Val sequencers, Pitch 3 (8 steps) and by the Quad Modulator.
  • Added jack icons and colors to the custom page outputs, taken from Label 8+ (for those who use KrOn with an Eurorack).
  • KrOnSync outputs (Bpm output pads) available at top and bottom of the project module for better project organisation.
  • Minor graphic and tooltips improvements
  • Added Several presets for FMZ and Spirit (some folders of the preset list are empty but it shows how to organize preset lists better – you can also use preset with any other synth).

NOT UPDATED/REMOVED : KrOn V, because I think no-one really uses it and the gain in dsp or available connections is not that much. What about a KrOn for DSP only (ie, no V/Oct or Hz/V). Please let me know your feelings (ie, do you use it with eurorack or synths, or with an MS20, or only with scope synths). Check this thread on PlanetZ Scope Users forums.


  • You can now load BB2 oscillators in place of the original multi-mode oscillator
  • Added Polyphony options (drop down menu at the top of the device)
  • Correction of ModWheel to filter
  • Correction of ADSR/EG
  • Added ADSR stretch for the VCA
  • New Ring 3 (as the previous version sounded to much like osc 1).


  • improved ADSR
  • Options for polyphony (drop down menu at the top of the device)
  • LFO Sync
  • Internal BPM and KrOn Sync input
  • Minor graphic improvements
  • New Ring 3 (as the previous version sounded to much like osc 1).


  • Minor graphics and tooltip improvements
  • Loads with a nicer default sound (where it previously loaded “silent”)
  • New presets (that matches the presets of the same name in KrOn)


  • Stereo Insert was connected to the mono insert and was not useable: now corrected
  • Noise now has a gain boost, from 0 to +12dB by incremements of 3dB (drop down menu in the mixer section)
  • Repaired Noise and Audio Ins AMP CV
  • new Presets, that matches the presets with the same name in KrOn preset list


  • Massive update with added features:
  • Corrected LFO 2 and rate modulation (was causing LFO 2 to run out of Perfect Sync even when Rate modulation was at 0).
  • Added vibrato LFO (a dedicated LFO connected to the modwheel by default)
  • Added ModWheel modulator
  • Added Aftertouch as a modulator, with Lag Time release factor up to x30
  • Added resonant HP filter after the main filter
  • Added new Ring type (you may hear a difference in higher notes)
  • Added level fader control of Osc 2A sync osc
  • Added EG, MW & AT as a modulators of the LFO2 Rate modulation
  • Added EG, MW & AT as a modulators for the sync oscillator
  • Added AT and MW as sources in the adders
  • Removed insert fx of the audio ins
  • Added Insert Fx for the Filtered Noise
  • Added Valocity controls for all EG/ADSR
  • Revised “color dress” with more contrast between all sections (the “non-Black panel)
  • KrOnSync inputs (Bpm input pads) available at top and bottom of the project module for better project organization. 
  • Various graphics and tooltips improvements/correction
  • A few cool presets that can be used “standalone” without KrOn

Please note that – with all synths – some of your previous presets might sound a bit different due to additions, but in general, the new parameters should load in a neutral position and your presets should be fine. Sometimes, your previous presets may not sound right, so please record your tracks as audio. 

These updates are available in KrOn and KrOn Max Pack, and can be downloaded from your account or from KrOn’s page.

Many thanks to all users who wrote to me about bugs and such.